June 17, 2023 - 12:00 Noon

Atlas Hotel - 4177 Albert Street, Regina, SK

Tickets must be purchased in advance; there will be no purchasing at the door.

For ticket purchase information, contact by email.


Founded in 1970, The Monarchist League of Canada promotes loyalty to and understanding of the Canadian Crown.  The Saskatchewan Branch was established in June of the same year.  In 2004 the branch was divided into two branches; the North Saskatchewan Branch and the South Saskatchewan Branch.

Our South Saskatchewan Branch's area extends south from a line drawn roughly east-west through Yorkton, and south to the US border, with over one hundred members.

Since the earliest days of the Monarchist League of Canada, the Regina area has stood loyally as a sturdy hub of the League's activities in our province.

Today, the League boasts a rapidly growing membership of over 17 000 members across Canada.  League members come from various backgrounds: political, age, ethnic, linguistic, and socio-economic.  Diverse as we are, however, we are united in one common belief - the Canadian Crown!

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Our sole purpose is to promote loyalty to, and knowledge of the Canadian Constitutional Monarchy.  We promote and engage in the study and concept our country's constitutional monarchy and the role of the Crown in our Canadian system of democratic government.  It is our aim to inform the Canadian public of the contemporary and historical importance of the monarchy for the Canadian identity.

A Sampling of Our Activities

How We Function

The work of the Monarchist League of Canada is carried out by volunteers.  The League, which has no central headquarters with paid staff, is financed through the generosity of its members and receives no public subsidies.

We are therefore obligated to no-one and are under no external constraints or requirements.  As Canada's only loyal society devoted to the support of our Canadian Constitutional Monarchy, we are at liberty to concentrate on the advancement of our League's principles.

Speaking in Toronto in 1973, Queen Elizabeth II said, "I will continue to do my best... and I hope you will all continue to give me your help."

You can help the Crown.  Express your loyalty and support for Canada's Constitutional Monarchy form of government, and contribute to our worthwhile activities.

How to do this?  Join the League!  The Monarchist League of Canada will place you on their mailing list for a 6 month free trial membership at no cost or obligation. You will receive Canadian Monarchist News, the League's periodical and regular e-comms. If you live in an area where there is a branch, you will receive notices of its activities and events. At the end of the 6 months, you will receive a card inviting you to renew your membership.


The logo of the Crown & Wheat was designed for the South Saskatchewan Branch in 2005, Saskatchewan's Centennial Year.
After the treaties were signed between our First Nations people and Her Majesty Queen Victoria, the Crown offered land to produce wheat to feed the British Empire and the world as a whole.
Since the settlers first turned the sod on the prairies of what was to become Saskatchewan, wheat has become an important part of our heritage; a symbol of prosperity and fruitfulness as well as the bread it will become and the hunger it will satisfy around the world.  The harvest of wheat is the evidence of days and nights of hard work in the fields, from before sunrise to beyond sunset.  Even with the threat of frost, drought and extreme weather, wheat was king!
Everywhere we look in Saskatchewan, we see how important wheat has been to us.  We see it symbolized on our flag, we see it on our coat of arms, we see wheat in every craft store in Saskatchewan, on government buildings and even on Regina's Albert Memorial Bridge!
Likewise, the Crown is an important part of Saskatchewan's history.  A symbol of sovereignty  and empire, it reminds us of our past and guides us into our future.  Treaties were signed in the name of the Crown; Saskatchewan was created by an act of parliament in the name of the Crown; land was offered free of charge to homesteaders in the name of the Crown.  Young men and women from Saskatchewan bravely fought for our freedom in the name of the Crown.  The Crown, through constitutional and ceremonial roles, embraces all people within our community and reminds us of the common values that unite us while celebrating our differences.
Today we see the Crown all around us in Saskatchewan.  We see it on Regina's flag, we see it on both Regina and Saskatchewan's coat of arms, we see it with the RCMP, many community police services, carved in stone in buildings and even on Regina's Albert Memorial Bridge!
The logo of the South Saskatchewan Branch reminds us that wheat was once king and Charles III is Canada's King!


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